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8 Weeks To Easing The Load of Chronic Health

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This is an eight week course to help you master dealing with your health. It is designed to help you understand what differences you can make by making a few small changes with your mindset and your daily habits. Over the 8 weeks the topics covered are:

  • Self-Compassion

  • The Power of Thought

  • Instilling Self-Belief

  • Building Motivation

  • Creating Energy

  • Developing A Routine

  • Using Your Time Wisely

  • The Way Forward

These are all combined together with a weekly module presentation, weekly Live Q&A, homework tasks for each module to dig deeper into each topic and full coaching support all of the way through. Sign up to be notified when the next round is starting in the New Year.

12 Weeks To Busting Your Stress - Coaching Program

This is our signature 12-week stress management program. All new clients who sign onto Ardour are taken through this in a 12-week coaching package. Perfect for those overwhelmed and being crushed by the stress in their lives. Have a chronic condition that is majorly triggered by stress? This course is made for you!

Each week you will be taken through a new topic on all areas of mind body and spirit and learn everything you need to know to be the master of the stress in your life.

This 12-week coaching program dives into your mindset, the power of your thoughts, feeling, and words. It will teach you how to know exactly what exercise is suited for your body to reduce stress. It will teach you to navigate the right diet that is going to most benefit you.

This course is designed to be a completely individual tailored plan for dealing with all the stresses in your life.

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