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Starting Your
Healing Journey

Not feeling like you are at your optimal health and wellbeing is frustrating. This is a guide to help you start to find that feeling of freedom around your health again.  


Happy Healthy Autoimmune

Do you believe that healing from a chronic illness is impossible? Many people do. Yet there are people who have done it. Listen in as AnnaLaura interviews Monique about her healing journey on this episode of the Healthy Happy Autoimmune Podcast

Real Talk Real Women

Is Gaining Weight Really A Problem In A Relationship with Monique Gibson: The Hard Truth About Body Shaming
Real Talk Real Women with Monique Gibson, Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach, and Disability Support Worker, founder of Ardour Wellness


5 Key Elements to a Healing Mindset

Success leaves clues and there are themes for people who have managed to overcome major health setbacks. This ebook is going to break down 5 of the key things that have been found that these people had in common. To get started on your health journey, this ebook is a must in your toolbelt. 

Stress & Trauma

Monique was the victim of a sexual assault when she was younger. The repressed assault caused havoc with her mind and body leading to episodes of psychosis and stays within mental health facilities. On Kristy Anne's Project InBetween Podcast Monique shares her story and discusses how trauma can effect your health and wellbeing.


Further Resources

These resources may assist you in changing habits in specific areas of your life.

Information on sleep, fitness,, quitting smoking, alcohol intake and more


Starting A New
Health Goal

For people who are dissatisfied with their health goals falling by the wayside. This guide is going to give you insight for a solid start to kicking your goals out of the park. Unlike what you have tried in the past, when you eliminate these five mistakes you will give yourself a much more solid foundation.

Boss Lady Brain Interview

Monique's transformation is incredible and an absolute credit to her. She has transitioned from living and working in a small country town to living her dreams in the UK. From overcoming chronic fatigue to now planning 800 km treks, this lady has become a serious Boss in her own world.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez
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