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Who is Monique Gibson?


Hi, I'm Monique

I am a Health Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Inspirational Speaker, and Master of Personal Change, on a mission to enhance the life of people struggling with their health, one mindset at a time!

Here is my story: a journey of resilience and the origins of Ardour Wellness

Young Dreams and Unexpected Detours

In my early twenties, I envisioned a life filled with adventures, ambitions, and career milestones. Little did I know, life had a vastly different plan. Slowly, peculiar symptoms crept in – dizziness, exhaustion, and belly aches. A journey that would reshape my life had begun.

The Unravelling Storm of Symptoms

What started as an inconspicuous discomfort escalated into a relentless storm of symptoms. Doctor visits became a regular affair, yet the test results painted a perplexing picture—always normal. Fear gripped me as my body deteriorated rapidly, fostering concerns of degenerative conditions like MS or MND. The uncertainty left me questioning what this meant for my life and everything I wished to achieve.

Low and Desperate: A Symphony of Symptoms

At my lowest, roughest point, my body developed an overwhelming amount of symptoms – from muscle paralysis and spasms to speech difficulties and blackouts. I could barely eat or sleep, I lost 15 kilos in 3 months. My health a rapidly deteriorating. The inability to work, eat, or even stand on some days cast a veil of confusion and despair over my life. Nobody could tell me what was wrong and i was quickly falling apart.

Lonely Struggles and Misdiagnoses

Doctors offered a bleak diagnosis – stress. They urged me to reduce it, stop frequenting hospitals, and insisted I wasn't trying hard enough to get better. This lonely, heartbreaking journey was punctuated by misdiagnoses of severe anxiety and depression, further isolating me in my struggle.

Determined Quest for Solutions

Determined to reclaim my life, I explored every avenue – conventional therapies, alternative paths, and even ventured into reiki, meditation, yoga, and tapping. My local library became a sanctuary for research, delving into books on emotional-based illness, healing the body, and mysterious illnesses.

Forging My Own Path

Faced with scepticism and misdiagnoses, I carved my own path to recovery. The journey was long, marked by ups and downs, confusion, and loneliness. In these moments, the realisation dawned—there was a critical gap in chronic health support that needed addressing.

Ardour Emerges: Turning Pain into Purpose

Driven by a newfound fascination with the mind-body connection and the transformative power of mindset, Ardour was conceived. This was not just about my journey; it was about creating a robust support system for those navigating chronic health challenges. Something that just did not exist.

A Personal Triumph and a Mission Unveiled

Amidst struggles, I was diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder (FMD) and a genetic mutation affecting my heart and muscles (Andersen Tawil Syndrome - ATS). My journey, though painful, became a catalyst for learning and growing, with a profound purpose – to offer solace and support to those treading a similar path.

Ardour Today: Your Companion in Healing

Ardour is not just a business; it's a culmination of pain turned into purpose. With a deep understanding of your struggles, Ardour is here to make your healing journey smoother and quicker. Let's embark on this transformative voyage together.

More about Monique

Monique Gibson is a country girl who grew up in Moulamein, NSW and since becoming ill in 2014 has spent years learning everything there is to know about how to deal with chronic health conditions.

In 2017 Monique completed her qualifications as a Wellness Coach and in 2018 her training as a Reiki Practitioner. IN 2021 she completed her studies as Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. With everything she has learnt, she is now mostly symptom-free of her health conditions.

Monique believes that our health is a combination of our daily habits in all areas of life. Incorporating not just what physical habits people have but also their mental habits. Monique has a strong passion for helping people get in tune with their mind-body connection, finding compassion for themselves and their circumstances and learning to truly master your thoughts to serve you and your path to health.

Monique conducts in-depth therapy sessions to really get to the root of what is going inside you and how it is manifesting as your ill physical health.

When Monique isn't working she can be found relaxing with family and friends, getting out into nature as much as possible and trying to bring laughter into each part of the day. Her philosophy is; life is meant to be enjoyed, if you aren't designing it to be what you love, you are missing out on your greatest power.

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