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Are You Constantly Fighting Your Reality?

We have a habit of going out into the world and saying things shouldn’t be the way they are. That things should be the way we perceive them and unless that is the case we cannot settle in our situation. You can try and argue with reality but you will be wrong only one hundred percent of the time.

It is the expectations we put on things that are out of our control. Fighting your reality creates resistance within your mind and your body, resistance creates an unsettled environment. You will not find optimal health and wellbeing if you are always in resistance with your life.

Whether your current circumstances are absolutely ideal is not the point. It is how you are reacting to them. We can still find acceptance in where we are right now and choose to move forward from it. In fact, accepting first and then making changes makes the process a lot smoother. This is because you can move from a place of contentment rather than a place of hatred.

As Peter Crone says, "what happened, happened and was exactly what was supposed to happen and couldn’t have happened any other way, because it didn’t". Arguing with things and expecting them to have turned out differently then they did is exhausting for just you. You can find yourself in a better place then that.

We have all heard the saying you cannot control what happens to you but you can control how you react. How so can you start to be more conscious of how you react? How can you start to understand how to let go of the resistance to what your life looks like right now? How can you begin to find yourself in the feeling of freedom by realizing that nothing is inherently wrong and you can only do what you can from the place you are in.

It is not always about removing the negative things from your life, it is changing the ay you react to them. How would you feel if you realizedway that everything was a sit is meant to be, that you are doing exactly as you are meant to be doing? That what you go through is only there to help you grow into the person you wish to be. Can you stop arguing with how you think things should be rather than how they actually are?

Fighting with your reality is like going outside and saying the sun shouldn’t be where is it, it should be somewhere else because you think it should. We cannot argue with nature, just like we cannot argue with the natural flows of life. All we can do is make the most of it, embrace the things we are grateful for and shift ourselves to the life that brings us great value. We can only find more freedom and peace in our present moment by accepting that things are what they are supposed to be right now.

How can you find more harmony within your life right now? What do you need to stop pushing against that you have no control over? How you can appreciate your circumstances and the people around you for what they are right now?


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