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Change your thinking, change your outcome

I believe we have all heard the quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” By Albert Einstein. How often have you approached the same problem over and over with the same mindset expecting it to turn out differently? Hoe has that been working out for you?

Moving forward in your life, creating success in your life, all begins within your mind. It’s time to pivot your approach. Change your thinking and then change your world. It is time to start addressing the psychology behind your behaviours rather then just the behaviour by itself. What thoughts do you suspect are behind your behaviour? What do you feel you are telling yourself that is not supporting your change?

It is not uncommon when you are making changes that the part of your brain that is in charge of your survival is going to kick in and freak out. It believes that unknown change is dangerous, it wants to be able to predict what is coming. When you are making changes you are putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and this part of your brain does not like that. Outside of your comfort zone according to your survival brain is outside of your safety zone.

Is this part of your brain holding you back because it is fearing the change? Do you find yourself self-sabotaging regularly? Check in, ask yourself, if I succeed at this goal, how will that make me unsafe? How am I safe in my current behaviour? See what comes up for you. Whether these points that come up are valid or not do not matter to this part of your mind. All it cares about is keeping you safe. Address these concerns, acknowledge them and rationalise them with a reality check of what actually will happen.

You may have to go over this with yourself again and again. You may have to keep checking in with yourself to find out why things are not progressing. If you do not shift your approach to how you are trying to make things happen but you continue to get the same outcome, how do you expect things to change? What are you doing to benefit yourself in these situations?

It’s important to be real with yourself. To give space for the emotions that come up, feel into them, allow them to move so they can be released. If you keep finding yourself stuck in the same round and round, then perhaps it is a good idea to reach out for an outside perspective and get someone to help you figure out what is holding you back.

How can you change your approach this week? What thoughts do you need to address that have been holding you back?


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