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Five Keys Factors That Create Change

Ever wondered what is the perfect recipe to get you on board with making changes? You might be all motivated and ready but deep down you know something is missing? In this article, I am going to present to you five keys areas that create change. When you have all five of these areas lined up together, you are on a great trajectory to making meaningful changes for yourself.

1) A sense of discontent: let’s be real unless where you are right now is causing you discontent, you will have very little motivation to make a change. No matter how much you know that your habits might not be good for you. If you are happy within those bad habits, you will not want to change. This can be why people find making a change so difficult. They have a lot of people in their ear about needing to make changes yet to them life seems pretty good the way it is. At that point, the changes they might want to make is to avoid the people asking them to change because their annoying nagging is what I causing them discontent. People will not change until they can see why their actions are leading them to feel unsatisfied. If you want to fast-track your motivation to make changes, make a list of all of the reasons why where you are right now is leading to discontent.

2) A vision of where you want to go: you cannot get anywhere unless you know where it is you are going. Building a vision of what you would like, of how you dream things would be. This is your key to motivation. Having an image so big and compelling that the desire to reach it is pulling you every day to make different choices. This vision can be writing down. There is a method called scripting. This is the idea of writing down exactly how you want things to be as if they have already happened. An ideal world if you like, of your vision for your life. Added in there the emotion of how great it feels that everything has come to fruition.

3) Information and “know-how”: without the know-how of how to achieve your goals, it will forever remain a dream because it will continue to be too overwhelming to think about. Or too far-fetched to even be possible, this is where resourcefulness comes in handy. Doing your research, finding someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Finding all of the information that you need to show to yourself that the path to get to where you want to be, could be a reality for you. You do not have to know every single step, and you won’t things will change as you progress, but you do need to know how to get started. Which is by taking one step at a time.

4) An individually tailored plan: by now if you are a regular reader of my articles or have ever attended one of my workshops. You know I am a massive advocate for the fact that we are all very individual and the plan you need to get to your dreams will not be a one size fits all approach. You require an individually tailored plan. This can be done up by you and feeling into what you think will be best, or made up alongside a coach who can assist you in the process. Making this plan is all about figuring out what is really important to you, what will work for you as an individual, and more importantly what actually won’t work for you. Do not expect yourself to wake up at 5 am to go for a run if you know you are really not a morning person. Do not expect yourself to eat only salads in an effort to eat more healthily if you know that this will make you feel deprived and left unsatisfied. Your path to a better version of yourself is completely individual.

5) Self-Belief: you are not going anywhere if you do not believe in yourself. Even if you can muster up enough willpower to get yourself started and be on a good run. If deep down, you do not believe in yourself you will self-sabotage because the idea of you succeeding is not in alignment with your identity and unconsciously you will not allow yourself to do better. This is where mindset work is so important. Making long-lasting changes is 80% to do with your mindset. Building up self-belief will only enhance your life and where you can take it. I highly encourage if you struggle with self-belief to find someone to work with you for it. You could amaze yourself with what you can accomplish once you start believing in yourself You need to believe that your goals are a possibility for you and that you have the ability to accomplish them.

These are the five keys areas that will create change for each person. This is relative to any area in your life, your health, finances, relationships, career. What is one thing from this list that could use some work on in your life? How can you start to make those changes this week?

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