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Four Keys to Holistic Health

In the book The 5am Club, Robin Sharma talks about 4 keys areas of your life that need your time and attention regularly. These 4 areas are your mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. Let’s break these down.

Your mindset is all about your self-talk. How is the interaction within your own mind? Is it kind and encouraging? Or super critical and talking you out of nearly everything you know you want? Growing a kinder and more compassionate mindset towards yourself is one of the keys to a more fulfilling life. Life is a lot easier when the voices in your head are not tearing you down all of the time. This can start with noticing how you talk to yourself. When you notice it is not kind, it is about responding to it the same you would to a friend being harsh on themself.

Your heartset is all about your emotions. How much positive emotions do you have going on for yourself? Research shows that a balance of 3 positive emotions for each one negative emotion is about the right tipping point between flourishing and spiralling. It is impossible to avoid negative emotions, your brain is wired to notice the negatives in an attempt to keep you safe What is important that your more positive emotions are outweighing the negative. So, how are you feeling on a daily basis? Could it be better? Try to implement some things that have been known to improve your positive emotions, mediation, exercise, breathwork, sunshine, spending time with people you enjoy and getting out into nature.

Your healthset is all about your physical fitness. How strong and healthy are you feeling on a daily basis? Do you wake up feeling energetic and vibrant or are you feeling really lethargic and lazy? If your healthset is lacking, try implementing something that will help improve this. Start an exercise routine, doesn’t have to be something massive, the key to begin with is to build consistency. Start swapping out some things in your diet for something that will be more nourishing and energizing.

Your soulset is all about how you relate to yourself and the world. This is about connecting to something deeper outside of the materialistic things of who you are. Soulset is accomplished through the meditation and contemplation of who you are. Working on your soulset can be done through a daily practise of meditation, just start with a few minutes a day. It is also done through the awareness of looking at things through the eyes of curiosity and wanting to understand. Rather than through the common go-to eyes of judgement and criticism. How can you start to get beyond yourself and work on the more peaceful side of yourself?

These are 4 areas of life that I believe really capture taking care of yourself in a holistic manner. If you can start to incorporate a few minutes a day on each area you are off to a good start. Like Robin says, it starts with a little bit of willpower and is kept going with a lot of consistency. Habits are fun to begin with, incredibly boring at times in the middle, but definitely worthwhile in the end. How can you start to work on your four areas of your holistic health this week?


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