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Getting too caught up with the end destination

Setting goals is great. Having ambitions for your life is really fulfilling. Accomplishing goals you set for yourself can be a real confidence booster. Like everything there is equal parts good and bad to this process. The not so great parts about working towards goals is getting too caught up in the end destination. Getting so caught up in what you are working towards that is creates a sense of never enough in your current reality.

When you are always striving towards things it can be easy to fall into the habit of not being in the present moment of what is right now because it is not what is on its way. By doing this you create a constant undertone of dissatisfaction with where you are now. So how do you avoid falling into this trap? You make your goals more about the journey then you do the destination.

It is really easy to feel like you are not moving anywhere when you are constantly future orientated, because it is an impossible task, to live within your future. All you can do it live within the present moment, this is living within the journey of accomplishing your goals. Making the journey the goal is about celebrating where you are right now It is about embracing all of the different circumstances life has to offer. It is about enjoying what is now for the sake of enjoying the feeling of living.

One day you might be getting super clear on your goals and know exactly what you want. Right down to the very last detail. Then the next day all of that detail is incredibly overwhelming because it allows no room for movement. In these times it is about learning to get less general. There a different types of people when it comes to setting goals. Specific and non-specific.

People in the specific category love details, want to know every inch of the image of what they are moving towards. Their picture is crystal clear in their mind. Non-specific, which is the category I fall more into, get overwhelmed with a great amount of detail with the goals. A non-specific goal setter are more about what the feeling of the goal is generating rather than what the details of it are.

When you are a non-specific goal setter and you try and get into too much detail it feels a bit like overkill and doesn’t allow for the flow of life. So, it is okay to know what you are moving towards but for it to be an open idea rather than a set in stone idea. Moving towards goals is more about the journey. As Abraham Hicks says, “when you make it more about the journey than you do the destination, than you will have instant success.”

Having goals to accomplish over your life is really great and helps you achieve a lot. However, what is most important is that you are finding reasons to feel content with where you are right now. If you cannot find a way to be happy while moving along the journey and waiting for your end destination to give you everything you want, than you are robbing yourself of some great happiness in your life.

How are you learning to make it more about the journey than about the destination? What is one thing you can do this week to take the pressure off your future goals and embrace your present moment? Start doing that today.

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