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Hacking Your Brain

In your brain you have this little part called your Reticular Activating System or RAS for short. This part of your brain is basically your filtering system. In any given moment your subconscious mind is taking on millions of bits of information per second, your RAS then goes through that information to decide what to bring to your conscious awareness and only 120 bits of that information are you consciously aware of. You can learn to hack this system to brainwash yourself for success.

Your subconscious takes on everything from your 5 senses. Your RAS then filters everything and predicts what is important to you, based on what you have found interesting or focussed on in the past. Basically, it deems what you have focussed on as Important, and what you haven’t focussed on as unimportant. Anything that does not match with your current RAS filters, is deleted, distorted or generalised to match everything deemed important.

As you may have noticed, this is going to be entirely different for everyone. Essentially, yes, we are all seeing the same reality but we are not all using the same filters. So, we can see our worlds very differently to someone standing right next to us. These filters are going to be based on your beliefs, values, memories, time, location, identity, past decisions, language and mood.

A simple way you will see this play out is when you have bought a new car, as soon as you buy that car, you see the same car everywhere. That car is now “important” to your mind so the image of it gets filtered through to your reality.

To hack this process, you start by deciding what you want to be important. Your brain will then start looking for ways to achieve that because that is now what you are focussing on. If you are struggling with a health goal and your constant chatter is about how much you are struggling with that health goal, then your RAS is going to deem those traits as important and you will constantly notice the situations where you are struggling with that health goal. So, to create the reality you want use constant affirmations of what you do want for your RAS to know what to look for.

It is important to emphasize positive phrasing, which means instead of saying something like, “I am no longer an unhealthy person”, you say, “I am a healthy person”. This keeps the mind on the right track of what it is looking out for, proof of being a healthy person.

There are a few simple tips when you are creating these affirmations. First, be specific, you want to accomplish what exact goal, by what time frame? Second, be realistic, if your subconscious mind hears something it has decided is impossible it will automatically delete it. So, if your goals are huge and you are not entirely confident it is realistic, start with a smaller one you feel is more believable. You can get to the bigger more impossible feeling one down the road. Thirdly, repeat your affirmation regularly perhaps when you wake and before you sleep.

Repeating affirmations is mentally logging information into the RAS, helping to create the belief that it is already a truth. When we believe something is possible or true we are more likely to pursue it. Our subconscious mind has far more control over us than we realise, it is the centre of everything and where all change starts. You may not be in control of your subconscious, but you can tell it what is important.


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