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How Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Have you created what you want from your life? Do you have moments lying on the couch staring at a wall thinking about how life could be? We all have and we all will in our futures. But has that thing your thinking about been the same for a while? Why haven’t you accomplished it yet?

You might have just run through your mind with a long list of reasons, mainly focused around how outside circumstances and other people in your life are preventing you from accomplishing what you want. Newsflash for you, the only person responsible for the outcomes in your life is you. You create everything and your current reality is just a reflection of your standards you hold for yourself and your life. I am not saying you are responsible for what always happens in your life, we are all going to go through tough journeys, we all are as a collective in our global community right now. You are though, responsible for how you respond and what actions you take next.

If there is something you have long been wishing for, what can you do to generate this to happen? What impact can you make? Without considering how others around you are impacting you, what can you do? People only have as much power over your life as you allow them to. Is it time to stop living by someone else’s standards of a life and start living for your own?

What do you dream for, what are you chasing? Is it as far a stretch as you tell yourself it is? The only way to find out is to start today. My job as a coach is to get people engaged with their vision, what their life would be like if they woke up tomorrow and everything was how they wanted it to be. Make it as powerful and as compelling as possible. If it does not elicit some kind of discomfort because it is so much more what you want then your current reality, then are you making it strong enough? Discomfort drives us to make changes.

We make changes because eventually the pros no longer outweigh the cons and we get fed up and decide enough is enough and something needs to shift. Get yourself to that point before life events get you to that point. You have a greeter deal of control over your life then you give yourself credit for, I assure you. You can completely go for it, sort yourself out, get the necessities in order and push.

When you are striving towards something, one of the biggest things to remember is, as connected with your future goal I want you to be, I do not want you to forget to enjoy this moment. Getting so caught up in how things “could be” one day can take you out of the moment. I can assure you, unless you learn to appreciate things in your everyday, things happening for you as you go on this journey. It does not matter how far you take yourself, appreciation and gratitude are a habit and if you haven’t built them on the path to your goals, you will arrive with short lived fulfillment because you will still be seeking outside of yourself for reasons to feel joy.

It’s a fine dance, having enough ambition, determination and drive to build on your goals and change your life for the better, while also living in the moment and remembering to appreciate where you are right now. How’s that tango going for you? Found your rhythm in it yet?

So, let me ask you, what do you want? Why haven’t you made it happen yet? Let go of your reasons and figure something out. Like Tony Robbins says, “life isn’t about resources, it is about resourcefulness”. How resourceful are you being? You might just have all the tools you need right now, you just have been too busy searching for all the quick solutions to your problems and overwhelmed by the idea of your journey that you have completely looked past them.

It’s about time you stopped holding yourself back in what you are striving for. These journeys take time, that’s why it is so imperative to have appreciation and gratitude in each moment along the way. Start small. Start slow. Do what you need to do, just do yourself a favour and start. I know that you have a goal niggling at you, it’s time to move towards it.


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