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Rate Your Health

If you were to rate different areas in your life out of 10, 1 being pretty dismal and 10 being amazing, what would you get? What would you rate these area; eating habits, exercise levels, energy, stress, body image, confident mindset? Are the answers surprising to you?

Sometimes, unless we sit down and actually reflect where we are, we do not realise where we are not living in alignment with what we really want. What would your life look like if these areas were rated higher? What would you be able to do that you aren’t doing now?

If these scores didn’t change, they stayed the same for another 6-12 months, what would that mean for you? What would that look like? Unless we connect strongly to a reason to want to change, our motivation does not stick out the journey with us and we fall back into old habits. You need to build yourself a strong case as to why you want to make changes

All of these areas are determined by small behaviours and habits we do on a daily basis. What can you be doing in the next week to bring just one of those areas one number higher? Always start small, little bit by little bit, it takes a lifetime to create the habits that you have now, so it makes sense that it will take time to build new ones. Start in the area you are most confident you can make changes in.


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