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The hardest change I made on my healing journey had the BIGGEST impact

Updated: Jan 10

Do you know what was the most difficult part of my health journey and finding my way back to healing? It was accepting that my symptoms were a manifestation of what was going on inside me, and my emotions were 100% contributing to what was going on with my health.

That was really difficult for me to accept and understand, a huge hurdle I had to overcome. When I was first unwell and couldn’t get a diagnosis or any support, I had doctors and other health professionals constantly dismissing me and telling me that it was “all in my head,” that it was my fault I was sick, and I just wasn’t trying hard enough to get better. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of something like that, you know how damaging, hurtful and horrible it is to hear that. I KNEW there was something seriously wrong with me. I KNEW it couldn’t just be anxiety or depression like I was being told, and I KNEW I was doing everything in my power to get better.

So later when I was on my own healing journey, and exploring the connection between emotions and symptoms, it was such a road block in my mind because if I did accept that my emotions were contributing to my symptoms, that meant the doctors were right, and that really fucking hurt to consider. To be able to accept and acknowledge that my emotions, my traumas, my mental health, my stress, and anything going on inside me was leading to my symptoms seemed impossible to me.

But I continued to do the work, and overcame the hurdle, and do you know what happened when I finally did accept it? I went from not being able to walk from one side of a room to another, not being able to talk without stuttering, not being able to work, not being able to be the person I wanted to be - to now, working full time running my own business, being active, being the person I want to be. I am even medication free, and feeling just as good off medication as I did when I was on it. (Don’t get me wrong, the medication was great and a big gift in my life, I just wanted to be medication free if it was possible for me. And it is!) I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without acknowledging my emotions were contributing to my symptoms. The only thing leading to them? No, health is a lot more complicated than that, but a big contributor? Yes, and it is for any health condition, whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not.

I work with every single client I have that has a chronic health condition to get to the emotional root cause. It’s very, very powerful and very, very effective. No matter what health professionals say or what the diagnosis is, it's just as important to get to the emotional root cause of the health condition. It makes massive shifts in my clients in how their symptoms show up, in how they respond to their health condition, in everything. And it helps them heal.

It helped me heal to be able to acknowledge, accept and understand that my negative emotions are causing symptoms, and then to adapt and move into positive emotions and thoughts which released my symptoms and helped me get better.

And that is 100% a path to your healing. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, it’s just not something you want to do, especially at the beginning, or after having experiences like mine. But to get back to where you want to be, and get your health back again, you have to do it.

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