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The Power We Have To Change Our Health

We underestimate the power we have to change our lives. More importantly, we underestimate the power we have to improve our health conditions. Since my early twenties, I developed a lot of health conditions, which is what got me into this space. In one way, it is the greatest thing that happened because I am incredibly passionate about the health and wellness space. Where my interest strongly lies, is learning how to heal our bodies. There are a lot of physical health conditions out there that we are told there is nothing we can do about and medication is our only answer. I highly disagree. Our minds and our bodies are incredibly powerful. I am on a mission to learn everything I can about natural healing and bringing our bodies back to health because I grew tired of not having answers and I assume a lot of those with chronic health conditions out there feel the same.


Here is what I know for sure. Our mind and body are incredibly connected. The body does not make mistakes, it creates physical ailments for a reason. It is responding your environment, and that is your internal environment as much as your external environment. What does this mean? Your thoughts and feelings can create health issues as much as can your exposure to what is in your physical environment. I am going to do my best to explain how this works.

Let’s start with stress. Stress is a normal response to life. When we are stressed, our body then produces a little chemical cocktail which impacts our mind and body. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can create a lot of havoc within you. When you are in long-term stress, which most people are because of our lifestyles, your body is unable to repair itself properly, you are unable to rest properly, you are unable to digest properly. You also have impact on your brain's compacity to work.

What is most interesting, is our bodies get addicted to our chemicals just like they would a drug. So, when you are stressed daily, for a long time, your cells actually adapt to this and become addicted. So, even when the stressor is no longer in your life, your nervous system is used to getting that stress hit every day, that it will do anything and everything to get that hit again.

Humans are the only animals which can create a stress response from our thoughts alone. Which means even when our environment is completely fine, our thoughts can run wild and create the same response. That means, you go through a stressful event, it passes yet you remember it everyday, our memories are attached to emotions, so, when you remember you have the same emotional response. Not just that, but your emotional response now has the addition of that original feeling plus the additional feeling you get form remembering. Eventually, an old trigger is not just the impact of the original event but every single time we have remembered it and created more emotions attached to it the stronger it gets, therefore, the stronger the emotional reaction. You end up just recreating the stress loop for yourself that you cannot get out of.

How does this impact our bodies? When we have cortisol and adrenaline moving through our veins, our bodies are in fight and flight. This is the response we need to run away from a threat. Most people are in chronic stress, 70% of people in fact. When we are in chronic stress, our body is constantly ignoring our major organs because it has sent the attention to our limbs because w need those to hypothetically run away from the danger. The problem, the danger is no longer a tiger hunting us, it is our thoughts alone, it is our phones, it is our lack of connection with ourselves and others.

When your body is not in fight-flight, it is then in rest and digest This is where the blood can go back to your internal organs, when your body can settle down, when your nervous system can work on bringing you body back to homeostasis. Unless people are making a conscious effort to relax, rejuvenate and centre themselves, this isn’t actually happening that much.

When you can create this stress response just though your thoughts, you also do this when you picture your future. When you are stuck in a spiral a stressful thoughts and feelings, you attach that to your future creating even more of this response. But, if you can create stress within you from just your thoughts, you can also create harmony.

This is why visualisation, can bE so powerful. Imaging your life exactly as you want, producing the happy chemicals that go with, is good or your health. You are in control of your imagination, use it to your advantage. The key is to create an internal environment without the influence of your external environment. When you are waiting for your outside world to be the reason for you to feel good, you will be stuck feeling terrible for a long time. Your life is really a mirror of your internal feelings, you need to create those feeling in order to attract to your life the outside world you want. The health you want.

Constantly focusing on what is wrong with your health, feeling into the disappointment of that, just recreates an internal environment that reinforces your ill health. Creating better health has so much to do with the pictures you make in your head and the words you tell yourself.

What is one thing you can do this week, that is going to help your health improve through thought alone? Trust me when you learn how to do this, your life changes, a lot.


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