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Uplift Your Energy

If you struggle for energy, you struggle for motivation to get anything done. In my opinion it can be one of the biggest things that hold you back. When trying to keep on top of your energy levels is one of your main priorities, you have to make a lot of choices, go out and do something you know you want to, or give yourself rest and allow your body to relax. Then there is finding the line between getting enough rest that you feel recovered or getting too much, making you even more drowsy.

The good news is, your energy doesn’t just come from your physical body, so if trying to improve your energy is something you often struggle with, there are 3 more areas to work on other then your physical body but first let’s start there.

Physical energy – of course we all know this one, what we eat, how much we move, how much rest we get, medication we take. Your physical energy comes from the physical things you do. So to begin with, you may want to check in and see if your diet and exercise patterns fill you with energy or drain you. Whether your lifestyles habits are truly serving you.

Mental energy – This is how much you are being challenged, how much your mind is being stimulated. Whether you are using your brain. Are you being challenged at work? Are you contributing to new ideas and getting tasks done? This is about decision making and the brains natural desire to be growing and learning. Consider these and whether they are being under stimulated or over. Boredom will tire you as will stress from too much challenge.

Emotional energy – This is about your positive emotions and positive interactions. Your friends and family have a lot to do with this, as does your environment. How much laughter, appreciation, love and gratitude are you bringing in on a daily basis? Is your environment encouraging you to feel good? Or is it draining you? What can you do to start making shifts here?

Spiritual Energy – relax, it’s not to do with religion but is most important. Spiritual energy is to do with your values in your life. How much you are in alignment with what you value the most. If you are not feeling fulfilled, if your cup is not being lifted up by you living your life within your purpose and what your desires call for. You will struggle with your spiritual energy. Do you know what your highest values are? Are you making an effort to incorporate those on a daily basis?

Increasing your energy level comes from many facets in your life. It is up to you to bring things in that will lift you up, that’s your choice. It can be a game of trial and error, that’s really how I figure anything out. I guess, then I try it out for a bit and see if it makes a difference and then I adjust. To me life is one big experiment, so experiment with these, see how different things could be when you learn how to get on top of your energy levels.


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