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Why So Tired?

Why are we all so tired? what's the deal? Is this just our evolution? Shall we just accept this is how life is? My answer to those is a solid no, and here's some insight into why.

Let's start with the basics shall we, that we've all heard but probably do not always implement in our daily lives.

What are you eating?

Have you ever had a meal, as delicious as it was, and found yourself feeling lethargic soon after? You might want to start noticing to how your body is responding to what you are consuming. Our digestion takes up 10% of our daily expenditure of energy, this can grow higher depending what you've eaten. Given that food intolerance are rising these days, if you're consuming food that your digestive tract is struggling to break down, more of your energy is going to deplete. Digestion is using our energy and what we are digesting is giving us our energy. What you feed your body is it's fuel, if you are not giving it the vitamins and minerals it thrives on, you are essentially running a high premium car on the lowest grade fuel when it should be given premium. Unlike premium, our ability to afford better nutrient dense food for ourselves isn't such a stretch. This doesn't have to be complicated, don't worry about those superfoods and fancy things you see in the health food isle. Fruit, veggies, wholegrains, legumes, fresh meats, It's the basics we all grew up with

How much are you moving?

A client once expressed to me that they were running low on energy. I asked about their exercise habits and learning there was no exercise happening, I suggested adding that in will increase their energy levels. This was met with, that cannot be the case because they are always so tired after exercising so how could it possibly raise their energy? You might be tired to begin with, while your body gets used to this new movement, but I promise you, once it gets a taste of regular exercise, it is going to crave it and your energies will boost. The more you do, the more you can do. Don't be sitting on that couch all day watching Netflix and then be baffled by why you're so tired, your body loves movement. Start slow, no need to push yourself so hard you can hardly walk for 3 days. a gentle walk or some low key stretching is enough to get this in motion. And then this leads into the next tip

Whats your sleep like?

These all tie in together, if you are moving your body more, you have expelled enough energy by the end of the day to get sufficient sleep. If you are eating foods that agree with your body, you won't be laying awake, or tossing and turning with a belly ache, and again get sufficient sleep. This one is a no brainer, lack of good quality sleep equals lack of energy levels, we've all experienced those days when we spend it wishing we could crawl back into bed. There are things you can do to improve your sleep, have a night routine so your body knows when it's time to start shutting down, wake up at the same time everyday, make sure your room is dark, avoid exercise within 3 hours of going to sleep, find some night time meditations, there's a lot of great apps out there.

Whats your mood?

Low mood and low energy very often can fall beside one another,, it's now a question of the chicken or the egg? You know those really annoying people who are so pumped up and full of energy and so resoundingly happy, you just want them to give you the secret or get out of your face? Their bright mood is helping with their energy levels. So check your moods, notice what lifts you up and what knocks you down. and how that impacts your eagerness to go about a busy day

Stress is in the air

There's no denying for quite few people right now, this is a very stressful time. Stress impacts basically every aspect of your life and your energy is definitely one of them. In uncertain times, your body is already using so much energy to guard against the perceived external stressors, it has little energy left to give to you. But this doesn't mean you are powerless to your circumstances. You have complete autonomy over your life and getting on top of your stress levels is most definitely an important part of the present day times. Ask yourself this, how much is feeding into your stress helping you right now? Can you get to any level of stress that is actually going to help your situation? The answer, I'll give to you, no need to figure out the puzzle, it's not serving you and there are better things to fill your mind with. Stop, take some deep breaths, write everything that is stressing you down, get it out of your head, talk to those you're close to, play some music. You could dance it out, if i bring it back to one of my previous points exercise is a fantastic outlet for stress relief. Get yourself out into the garden or lay on your lawn, when our mind see's greenery, it naturally relaxes, so go hang out with nature.

What are you passionate about?

This one might be a new one for you. But if you don't have things in your life that you're excited about, that get your fires burning, it is impacting your energy levels. Ever had a job or a hobby or an event, that you are just jumping out of bed for? That you're so pumped that your capable of doing ten times more then you would in a normal day? Passion breeds energy. These things do not have to be huge, they can be fun projects at home. A new hobby, learning a new topic. Something that intrigues you, something that lifts your spirits.

How are you talking to yourself?

I might lose a few of you on this one but I assure you, this is making a difference. Here's how your brain works, it hears how you speak, out loud or to yourself, something repeated enough times becomes ingrained as a truth and your body responds accordingly. If you are regularly saying, "I'm tired", "I have no energy", "why am I tired". you're not helping the situation. when you ask a question such as, why am I tired, you are then asking your brain to search for reasons why you are tired, feel into that tiredness and that's then it's focus. If you are constantly repeating, I'm tired, as harmless as it seems, you sending the messages of those words out and your body responds, The signals are going from your brain to the rest of your body ensuring that everything stays in alignment with what you say because it is perceiving it as the truth. Lost you yet? Try this with me, repeat to yourself, again and again for 30 seconds, "I feel fantastic" and notice how you feel. Didn't work? Were you repeating to yourself this is stupid and isn't going to work? Might seem bizarre but factor this tip in when working out why you are tired, you have more control over your body then you might realise.


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