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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Have any single problem resolved within 1-3 sessions with RTT. These sessions are about using regression to uncover the root reason you have built a belief that is now holding you back. Having that understanding is power. Once you can uncover the beginning, you can redefine the end.


These sessions are run for 90 minutes, broken up into 3 sections.

  1. The first breaks down what exactly it is you are having trouble with and what you would like it to be instead

  2. The second takes you into hypnosis and through regression to uncover the root cause

  3. The final part takes you through the transformation to redefine how you are relating to something and remove your blocks.


This hypnotherapy can be used for breaking bad habits like smoking or drinking all the way through to working with chronic health conditions and creating more freedom in your life around those. 

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Chronic Health Management

These sessions are designed to work with you and your chronic health conditions. They are about uncovering your main symptoms and dealing with the metaphysical reasons behind these.


Working with chronic health requires a whole lifestyle change. To see a change in your conditions you need to address many areas, your physical body (nutrition, fitness, rest, etc) as well as your emotional body (stress, inner-dialogue, trauma, etc).


These strategies come from an approach of learning to break away from identifying as an unwell person and creating a new identity of someone who is thriving within their circumstances.

Wellness Workshop

This workshop is presented over a full day touching on 4 main topics:

  • Understanding stress and stress management

  • Creating your dream life by mastering your psychology

  • A new approach to health and nutrition 

  • New compassion and believing in yourself

This workshop flows through these different topics and how they all relate to creating your optimal version of health wellness. Entangled throughout it is top tips for building and maintaining habits that will give you the tools to create long-lasting behaviour change. Come out of this workshop feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to take on any of the challenges you face. 

Health Coaching

Health Coaching works with you in all the different areas of your life that make up what optimal health and wellness mean to you. This can range from stress management, to dealing with chronic health, to learning how to completely shift your mindset. This is where you can learn to become one of those people who always see the silver lining in each situation.

Ardour Wellness Health Coaching helps clients to:

  • Learn how to keep on top of your mindset and when life gets challenging how to pick yourself up and keep moving forward

  • Learn how to get incredibly clear on what you want to create in your life and have the guidance to go right ahead and create it

  • Learn how to release the resistance to where your life currently is right now and feel more peace and freedom with what is, while simultaneously creating your dream reality

  • Be held accountable to accomplish the goals that you say are really important to you on a weekly basis

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