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Health Coaching


Elevate Your Well-Being with a Health Coaching Experience

Unleash the transformative power of health coaching—a dynamic pathway to surmount obstacles swiftly and master the art of habit change. Picture a seasoned coach by your side, recognising that you are the ultimate authority on your life, and empowering you to harness that wisdom with confidence, ultimately influencing your health positively.

Your Journey to Success:
Our health coaching is a collaborative partnership, geared towards aligning with your aspirations. Experience the freedom to dictate the pace and focus of your goals, as we understand that your vision holds unparalleled significance. This approach not only fosters intrinsic motivation but also ensures a resilient commitment to your personalised plan.

Crafting Your Vision of Optimal Health
Immerse yourself in the creation of a vibrant tapestry depicting your ideal health and wellness. Explore the meaning of optimal health tailored to your unique perspective. Together, we embark on a journey of setting monthly and weekly goals—small, deliberate steps that accumulate into substantial transformations over time.

Unleash Your Potential
Prepare to be challenged, questioned profoundly, and gently called out when you inadvertently hinder your progress. This process is rooted in compassion and an unwavering commitment to seeing you thrive in alignment with your core values.

Mind-Body Mastery
Acquire a profound understanding of the mind-body connection, equipping you with the tools to address various health concerns independently. Transform your mindset, channelling it towards your deepest desires. No challenge is too daunting—we specialise in redirecting even the most challenging situations towards positive outcomes.

Your journey towards optimal well-being begins here, where every session propels you towards lasting change. Our health coaching is a beacon of positivity, knowledge, and empowerment. Embrace the shift, prioritise yourself, and let's propel you towards the pinnacle of your health journey!

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Bringing Technology Into Health Coaching

Discover Precision Health with the Shae App: Your genetic blueprint guides personalised recommendations. Elevate well-being confidently, as we decode your unique needs for a path to optimal health

Unleash Your Well-Being Journey with Precision Health

Decoding Your Unique Blueprint
Explore a revolutionary approach to personalised health with Shae. Through cutting-edge technology, Shae deciphers your genetic code, offering insights that shape personalised health recommendations tailored to your distinctive needs.

Precision Guidance for Optimal Well-Being
Shae collaborates with individuals, providing evidence-based recommendations on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Each recommendation is meticulously crafted based on a comprehensive analysis of genetic makeup, lifestyle, and health history.

Your Expert Coach and Guide
As a Shae expert and trained coach, I am your dedicated partner in this transformative journey. I will work alongside you, breaking down any barriers, guiding you through the Shae app, and helping you understand the nuances of your personalised recommendations. With Shae, you're not alone— I am here to support you in achieving your goals and fostering long-lasting behaviour change. Welcome to a new era of well-being.

Your Partner in Informed Decisions

Shae ensures confidentiality and data security, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health confidently. Welcome to Precision Health, where Shae celebrates your individuality on the transformative path to optimal well-being.

6 Week Shae Precision Health Package
Embark on a transformative health journey, incorporating personalised onboarding, deep goal-setting sessions, strategic breaks for experimentation, and expert follow-ups, culminating in a final session to assess progress and offer ongoing support

50-Minute Shae Onboarding

  • Set up Shae App,

  • undergo a detailed health assessment,

  • receive a brief overview of your personalized Shae profile and recommendations.

90-Minute Shae Consultation

  • Engage in goal-setting,

  • deep dive into Shae app recommendations

  • identify simple, actionable steps to kickstart your health journey.

3-Month Access to Shae App Membership

  • Receive full acces to the Shae platform for your desktop, phone or tablet

  • have it by your side for a total of 3 months to really set your new habits into place

2x 30-Minute Follow-Up Sessions

  • Check in on your goals,

  • assess progress,

  • make necessary adjustments to optimise your health journey.

Learn more about Shae by watching this video

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