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Wellness Coaching

What is

Health - Eating Habits - Exercise Habits - Sleep - Stress Levels - Body Image - Mindset

Wellness coaching is a powerful way to move you quickly through your blocks and master habit change. A coach works alongside you, understanding that you are the most knowledgeable person on your life and supporting you to embrace that, to develop greater confidence in your ability to impact your health. 

Working with you to support you in achieving your goals. Allowing you to choose what and when you will work on a goal because your ideas are much more meaningful to you. Giving you much more motivation to stick to your plan.

This is about building a vision of what your ideal health and wellness looks like. Asking questions like, what even does optimal health mean for you. Working on monthly and weekly goals to make those slow and steady steps that, over time, compound together to make a big impact for you. 

In these sessions you will be pushed, you will be asked deep questions and you will be called out when you are holding yourself back. Coming from a place of complete compassion and desire for you to be your best and hold true to your values. 

This coaching is about gaining a good knowledge of the mind-body connection, what you can do to improve different health ailments for yourself and completely shifting your mindset to power towards your deepest desires. No situation is too dire to have an impact on and point you in a more positive direction. 

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