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Slowing Down Can Be Good For Us

We were in in a world that was fast paced, all go, go, go, if your not busy you’re not doing enough. Now we have all been forced to slow down slightly and change how we were living. So, what are the benefits in this?

You might have started to realise that you actually like having more time on your hands. That’s it’s nice to just take things a little slower, you have more time to appreciate. Your time might be becoming more valuable to you and you can see how to fit the more important things to you in. With our lives taking different turns, we can really take some time to sit back and ask ourselves how can we make the most of this, how can we really make this lifestyle work for me? What is something you might want to shift your thinking around so you can make benefits out of your situation?

Slowing down makes you more productive. You have had in your mind that you were so busy, there were just not enough hours in the day and you were regularly running around frantic. This creates stress, when we are stressed we lose 50% of our IQ. Therefore the more frantic you make yourself, the more problems you are going to create yourself and the ore tasks there is going to feel like there is. As we do not make smart decisions when we are stressed and this can be our downfall. But now, you may just have the time to slow down, you can take your time with things and you can get them done effectively. How much nicer is it to be able to take your time with something and really be able to feel into the project rather then rushing through it with the next project on your mind?

More time with the household. You can have more quality time with the ones who mean the most to you. It’s taking your time to spend together, doing fun activities at home, more board games, more quality conversations, more meals together. When we slow down we have more time for the people in our lives and the people in our lives are what bring us joy. So how can you spend more quality time with the ones you care about? How can you make the most of this slowed down living?

Sometimes these new lifestyles can take a while to get going, so it is important not to expect it all to fall into place at once. But slowly you will start to notice the little things. Be conscious of how things are playing out around you. How can you be more actively practising living a slower lifestyle and really making the most of these changes we are seeing around our loves?


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