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What is Ardour?

It is the challenge to do better that will keep me from staying down

My name is Monique Gibson, founder of Ardour Wellness. I am here to close the gap of supporting people dealing with chronic health conditions. I specialize in shifting perspectives to create harmony within your current circumstances and uncovering what is holding you back from creating health again.

Wandering Traveler

Sometimes just knowing where to start is the most confusing part to finding your answers

Ardour's Services

Our mindset determines a great deal of our outlook in life, including how we deal with difficult circumstances we get thrown into. Monique helps you break the barriers of what differences you can make to your health, understand the mind-body connection and the power of your perception.

Personal Coaching

Get an individualized tailored plan for your unique health journey

Group Coaching

Working in a group environment for courses to have peer support along your health journey


Online programs designed to support you through taking control back in your health


Wellness presentations, interviews, guest appearances

Modern Dancer

Your journey doesn't always have to feel so alone



Kristy, VIC

Monique was able to help me identify the short and long term goals I wanted to make and then provided me with the tools and strategies to achieve them. Monique is an excellent health and wellness coach and I could not be happier with the service she provides! Five stars!!

Chris, NSW

I know what I want for my health but I really am not sure how to get there. I have goals and ideas but implementing a plan is difficult to do. Monique has really helped me move further forward with that

Ricki, NSW

Monique helped me realise the priorities I had in life. With the work I did with her I have made such positive changes and am now moving towards the things I really do want from my life right now.

Shelley, NSW

As a new diabetic, being able to talk to someone about my condition and frustrations of it: it is really helpful. To get some helpful hints on how to set goals on adjusting to my situation is great

Fed up with struggling with your health?


Call: 0428 515 196

Email: monique@ardourwellness.com

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