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We specialise in working with stress-related health conditions. For people who are dissatisfied, or confused with feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and misunderstood. Who are ready to see a change. 



Ardour is a unique approach to dealing with your health, that provides you the ability to take back your control. This is achieved through focusing on all aspects of your health and what is impacting you personally.



Unlike other health providers who dismiss your experiences, our services give you strategies and personalised support. For people who want to believe there is something they can do to make a difference to their health.


My name is Monique Gibson, founder of Ardour Wellness. I am here to close the gap of supporting people dealing with stress-related health conditions. I specialize in shifting perspectives to create harmony within your current circumstances and uncovering what is holding you back from creating health again.

What Clients Have To Say

"Monique is very passionate about her work and very compassionate towards her clients. She fills a void with chronic/invisible illnesses that is not serviced at all."

Fed up with struggling with your health?

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I'm interested! What now?

So you want to know what is involved with getting started with Ardour's Coaching? It is easy and simple with just 6 steps:

Step 1) Book a FREE discovery call here. These tend to go for 30 minutes and are obligation-free

Step 2) Have a chat with Monique about everything that is going on for you, what you are dealing with right now and what you want to work towards


Step 3) Decide if you are a good fit together. There is no point in working with someone that you do not feel completely aligned with. This is why the consultation is for you to get a good feel of Monique's approach

Step 4) If you're all in, now you sign up for a coaching package. These are either 3 or 6 months in duration and you will get together for weekly or fortnightly sessions

Step 5) Work together each week to nut out your desires, plans, and your goals and come up with individual strategies on how to get there

Step 6) Enjoy the freedom of feeling on top of your health and it not feeling on top of you.

FREE GUIDE: Wondering what beliefs people have harnessed to make a difference to their health?

Everyone deserves to be heard about their health.

No matter how complicated or repetitive.

Without the right support, dealing with poor health can be really lonely. Life shouldn't have to feel that way and it is time for you to put a stop to that cycle. You do not have to continue life feeling:

  • you have no control over your health.

  • stuck and defeated.

  • always wishing you could find a way to get on top of your health and falling short

  • always in doubt you will ever find someone that truly understands

  • overwhelmed and confused

  • completely disconnected from your body


You can start to live a different life, become a different person, who actually gets to experience:

  • tactics for dealing with your health

  • stronger mindset

  • better connection with your body

  • clear vision on where you are going

  • peace and harmony in your situation

  • effective coping tools for stress

  • proof to yourself that you had the strength to pull through

Go from feeling unsupported, out of control living an unpredictable life, missing what health feels like and wishing you could just function like a normal person again....

To feeling like you can become even stronger and healthier than you were before you lost your health. Become charged and vibrant about your life. Waking up daily feeling a sense of peace and clarity on what you are doing, and where you are going. You could feel like a whole new person.

The path is yours to take, you just need the right guidance.


Who is Monique Gibson?

Monique Gibson is a country girl who grew up in Moulamein, NSW, who has spent the last 5 years learning everything there is to know about how to deal with chronic health conditions. At the age of 22 Monique's health really plummeted and she fell ill to an array of chronic health conditions.

Along the journey of trying to find health again, Monique ended up feeling very alone and unsupported because there just wasn't that understanding of how to deal with her health. Once it became pretty clear that there was a gap in this part of the industry, Monique decided to make it her mission to help people that feel like she did once before.

In 2017 Monique completed her qualifications as a Wellness Coach and in 2018 her training as a Reiki Practitioner. With everything she has learnt she is now mostly symptom free of her health conditions.

Monique believes that our health is a combination of our daily habits in all areas of life. Incorporating not just what physical habits people have but also their mental habits. Monique has a strong passion in helping people get in-tune with their mind-body connection, finding compassion for them self and their circumstances and learning to truly master your thoughts to serve you and your path to health.

Monique conducts in depth coaching sessions to really get to the root of what is going inside you and how it is manifesting as your ill physical health.

When Monique isn't working she can be found relaxing with family and friends, getting out into nature as much as possible and trying to bring laughter into each part of the day. Her philosophy is; life is meant to be enjoyed, if you aren't designing it to be what you Love, you are missing out on your greatest power.

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Ardour's Services

Our mindset determines a great deal of our outlook in life, including how we deal with the difficult circumstances we get thrown into. It is time for you to break the barriers of what differences you can make to your health, understand the mind-body connection and the power of your perspective.

Personal Coaching

Be in charge of your individualized tailored plan, for your unique health journey


Online courses where you can master your health journey and take back your control from the comfort of your own home

Group Coaching

Working in a group environment for programs, making you apart of a community of people who understand you


A natural healing technique based on putting you into a deep meditation and shifting your internal energies to propel your journey forward


Wellness presentations, interviews, guest appearances, workshop facilitator

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