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Connecting you with
Your Heart
Your Soul
Your Fire

Giving you Internal Freedom


Ready to completely shift your life?



Monique specialises in working with people who want more from their life. Who are tired of just going with the motions, who are dissatisfied with traditional therapies not getting to the heart of things and spending week after week going over the same issue with no real results.



Ardour is a unique experience, connecting you with what you deeply want from life, not what you think you 'should' be doing. Instilling within you the confidence to go after those desires and fall passionately in love with your life. 



Unlike other therapists, when you work with Monique you instantly get to the emotional root cause of an issue which gives you the power to let it go and move forward. This work is for those that are willing and ready to dive deep within themselves.

Want to get started on your health journey?


My name is Monique Gibson,
founder of Ardour Wellness.

I help you fall passionately in love with your life by taking you on a journey of raw, real, deep healing and igniting you with the confidence to pursue your heart's desires. Connecting you with your soul and guiding you to fully show up as your true, authentic self.

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Ardour's Services

Our mindset determines a great deal of our outlook in life, including how we deal with the difficult circumstances we get thrown into. It is time for you to break the barriers of what differences you can make to your health, understand the mind-body connection and the power of your perspective.

Personal Coaching

Be in charge of your individualised tailored plan, for your unique health journey


Online courses where you can master your health journey and take back your control from the comfort of your own home

RTT is a type of hypnotherapy. Designed to get you to the root cause of your health conditions and transforming your health.


Holding events throughout the year, where you can learn, connect, and deep dive into your emotions to nourish your soul


Wellness presentations, interviews, guest appearances, workshop facilitator

Rapid Transformational Therapy

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What Clients Have To Say

"Monique is very passionate about her work and very compassionate towards her clients. She fills a void with chronic/invisible illnesses that is not serviced at all."

Natural Herbs

I'm interested! What now?

So you want to know what is involved with getting started with Ardour's Services? It is easy and simple with just 3 steps:

Step 1  Book a 90-minute initial consultation here.

Step 2  In your session, we have a chat about what is going on for you and what you want to get from your working with Monique


Step 3  Sign up for a 4 week RTT package and get ready to see your life completely transform.

FREE GUIDE: Wondering what beliefs people have harnessed to make a difference to their health?

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